The Protection Herbs Tea gives a boost to the immune system, which plays a vital role in identifying an intruder in the human body and destroying him. That might be a virus, bacteria, or something else that disrupts the balance. Echinacea has antiviral and antibacterial properties also acts as a tonic to the immune system. Dictamnus has antibacterial properties and helps digestion. Nettles is a diuretic, helps cleanse the body. Hippofaes has antioxidants, anti-inflammation, painkillers, and healing properties. Astragalus highers the population of the anti-bodies that help identify the intruders. Ηarpagophytum has anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, analgesic, calming, and diuretic properties. ingredients: echinacea, dictamnus, nettles, hippophae, astragalus, harpagophytum
Around 60 servings

Net Wt 60g
Box12 jars