From Centaur Chiron of Greek mythology to the father of medicine, Hippocrates, and then to Dioskourides, who set the foundations of botanology, aromatic herbs and spices are found in abundance all-around Greece. The variety of herbs and spices in the Greek countryside gave the Ancient Greeks the ingredients to flavor their food, as well as the possibility to cure people. This reflected in the famous quote of Hippocrates, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”

Mediterranean climate, the fertile soil of Greece, and the presence of mountains and sea nourish a wide variety of herbs with unique aromatic qualities, excellent quality, and high nutritional properties. Greece is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with an exceptional botanical diversity: 7,500 different species of plants, 850 of which are endemic and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Either as food or as a natural remedy, they have been used since ancient times, mainly as pain-killers. Nowadays, 75% of chemical medicines are based on the miraculous properties of herbs.


The brand “Herb Eat & Drink” is launched from the company Samaras Greek Food Products, which has been in its present form more than a decade in the International food market, with its main products, olives, olive oil, and figs. From production, processing, packing, and selling within and outside of Greece. We recognize the need for a healthy lifestyle, so we offer you the purest herbs and spices, handpicked ready to drink or cook with. We have created this brand to attract new consumers to the consumption of natural herbs, spices, and a combination of them, for multiple health benefits.

Based in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is so lucky to have an abundance of herbs and spices, other growing freely in the mountains and other cultivated by humans through the millennia, taking advantage of the perfect weather conditions for any cultivation possible. Our company benefits from that by harvesting herbs across Greece but also from other Mediterranean countries, using ways non-intrusive to the ecosystem, harvesting by hand and in small quantities. Keeping our primary mission to preserve what we found from our ancestors and make it even better.


Whatever your mood or need is, we know well the perfect herb for you! 


Lemon Verbena for the most natural digestion ever/ Chamomile for times of stress/ Sage when you feel mentally low/ Mint for an instant refresh/ Mountain tea for an immune system that rocks.

Not a one thing type? We got you covered with our herb mixes. From “Helping you lose weight” and “Detox”! Try our “Stress reliever mix” for the days that you cannot relax and “Go to sleep” herbs if you want to sleep like a bird. Our herb mix squad completes with the “Protection” and “Libido edition”!

And what herbs would be without their best partner? We are talking about honey, of course. Discover our full line Save the Beez: thyme, pine, orange & flower flavor.

Are you cooking? We are here to make your dish TAKE OFF! Top up your roasties and veggies just by adding a touch of our handpicked rosemary, hot chili flakes, oregano, and unrefined sea salt.

Dias – herbs scouter
Zafiris – head of production
Nikos – packaging advisor
Rose – Founder
Elena – marketing
Danai – legal advisor

herbs and food in general don’t make wonders alone

you have to exercise, love, be open, relax, take time